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Website Maintenance

If your current website needs a security update, maintenance services or any other updates, then Gilead Digital has the solution for you. If you routinely maintain your current website, you will increase the number of viewers to your page, and will make them to return to your site regularly. Gilead Digital provides website maintenance services which include content updates, editing form, and adds new products or deletes unnecessary products in business websites. In this way, your website remains up to date.

When a website becomes live, it means the beginning of your business in new light. In order to continue with the support that you providing your customers through your website, you should maintain it and update all the vital information from time to time.

Website Maintenance services include the following

  1. Modifying and creating new website content
  2. Adding new pages to the website
  3. Adding new images (supplied by client)
  4. Updating content on current pages
  5. Replace images to pictures and graphics
  6. Adding or removal of pages (as necessary)
  7. The management and support of database

Our team of professional social media marketers will analyze the trends of internet usage for our ideal customers and give a comprehensive list of platforms to include in your SMM campaign. After selecting the most suitable platforms, we create contents that are interesting and appealing to your desired audience who will use social media platforms. We use appropriate content that will capture the attention of your audience and as a result, increase the leads for your business. We make use of a creative blend of different types of contents to make sure that your audience is shown a fresh and meaningful content each time.

We help build a community for an involved customer base. The technique of audience engagement plays a key role in the success of content and social media marketing. For this purpose, we create a SMM Calendar to outline all the activities that are taken up for your brand’s online visibility. Our expert team will maintain your social network profile to help you increase revenue from your social media accounts.

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