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We are an SEO Company in Coimbatore providing effective SEO services that focus on quality as well as ROI. Meet our SEO experts for the right solutions.

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SEO Company Coimbatore

Are you looking for SEO Agency in Coimbatore? Guaranteed Professional SEO Services

Are you looking for ways to boost organic rankings in a legit fashion with proven SEO strategies in Coimbatore? Do you wish to find more effective advertising methods with result-oriented services?

We offer tailored SEO services in Coimbatore that are customized exclusively for you to get traffic ticking on your website. Our professional SEO Services will generate more traffic for your website and attract online users to take action on your website. We offer a wide range of Search Engine Optimization services in Coimbatore that are guaranteed to give you a 100% ROI.

Founded On 2017
CEO Tinil Joseph p,Samuel John
Team Size 30+
Our Clients Bhima Gold, Zifo, Uppercase, Broomees, Mojro, Technomax, etc. Totally current we have 50+ active running projects.
SEO Services Keywords research, website audit, keywords mapping, blogs posting, meta tags, link building, content optimization etc. 
Our Website https://www.gileaddigital.in/
Headquarters F1, IPPO 5, OMR Road, Chemmancherry, Chennai 600119.
Experience All the managers are equipped with 12+ years of SEO experience.
Client Reach UAE, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Netherlands, England, Ireland
Departments SEO, Web Development, App Development, Graphic Design, Accounts, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing
Keyword We have ranked around 95,000+ keyowrds in first page
Tools We have SEMRush, Screaming frog, Ahrefs, Labrika, Ahrefs, Yoast SEO, Screaming Frog
Branch Chennai, Kochi
Founded On
Tinil Joseph
Team Size
Our Clients
Bhima Gold, Zifo, Uppercase, Broomees, Mojro, Technomax, etc. Totally current we have 50+ active running projects.
SEO Services
Keywords research, website audit, keywords mapping, blogs posting, meta tags, link building, content optimization etc.  https://www.gileaddigital.in/
F1, IPPO 5, OMR Road, Chemmancherry, Chennai 600119.

Convert Your Traffic Into Leads

Want to grow your company to the next level? You require an SEO firm that can assist you in boosting your traffic and turning it into leads. We are the best SEO Agency in Coimbatore. How you ask?

Change in search engine algorithms: It's critical for an SEO company to keep up with the most recent adjustments to search engine algorithms. This is due to the algorithms' ongoing evolution, what works today might not work tomorrow. We make sure that your website and marketing campaigns are prepared for the current environment by staying up to date with the most recent updates. We keep a tab on how Google's algorithms change and adjust as necessary.

Keywords, categories and tags: It's crucial to choose the right keywords, categories, and tags with care while writing content for your blog or website. By doing this, it increases your SEO score and we make sure that your content is well-structured and simple to find. Considering the terms that people will likely use to search for your content when choosing your keywords. And to find these keywords, we use tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs and many more. We then make sure to add these keywords consistently throughout your content, in the title, headings, body copy, and any tags or categories you give your piece.

Backlinks: Backlinks play an important role in increasing the SEO score of your website. According to your business, we decide how many backlinks needs to be created and then get it indexed eventually.Once these backlinsk are indexed, it helps give a jump to the existing keywords position.

Lead Generation: We give priority to lead generating keywords. Concentrating on the traffic that is heading to the website, we optimize the website and content accordingly to generate potential customers.

What We Do!

Services We provide in SEO .

Services We provide in SEO

Local SEO

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Penalty Removal
  • Celebrity SEO
  • Link Building
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Local Map SEO

  • Creation of Location map
  • Optimizing the Local Map
  • Working for Near me Keywords
  • SEO for Local Map
  • Reinitiating Disabled Google Local Maps

International SEO

  • Targeting Internation Countries
  • Targeting International Cities
  • Targeting customers in their own language
  • Working on Internation Site-Map
  • International Promotion

Positive SEO

  • Reviving your old SEO keywords
  • Pushing back negative keywords
  • Positive Branding
  • Improve Page Athority
  • Online Reputation Management

E-commerce SEO

  • Optimizing e-commerce websites to improve product visibility in search results
  • Optimize product listings
  • Enhance the overall shopping experience
  • Improve Page Athority

SEO Training and Consultation:

  • Providing SEO training and consultation services to educate clients
  • Education and Knowledge Transfer:
  • Teach you how to improve your website, and track what's working
  • Develop tailored SEO strategies

Mobile SEO

  • User-Friendly Design
  • Optimized Images and Videos
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • User Experience (UX)
  • App Integration

SEO for Video

  • Quality Content
  • Transcripts and Closed Captions
  • Video Title Optimization
  • Thumbnail Optimization

Voice Search SEO

  • User Intent Optimization
  • Voice Search Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Conversational Content

Gilead Digital

Benefit from our Budget-Friendly SEO Services, offering top-tier SEO solutions in Coimbatore at unbeatable prices!

SEO Audit in Coimbatore

With the endless variations in all the major Search Engines and your competitors' algorithms, SEO Audit is an essential step to ensure a proper strategy for your ranking. Our objective begins by conducting an SEO technical audit that highlights the existing basic faults in your website. Further to this, we offer suggestions for improvements and suggest changes to be done. We aim to identify the problematic areas and update your website with the latest developments based on the search engines.

Keyword Research

Targeting keywords similar to your competitors will not bring you good results. While studying the most appropriate keywords that work for your business, we look deep into Google's search queries to dig out the Golden nugget keywords that can help your business. These words, long-tail keywords, and phrases offer the greatest possibility to reform your rankings.

Penalty Removal

Our team of experts and professionals ensure to recover your entire website from Google Panda & Penguin penalties. This is done purely to restore your lost rankings after proper link audit, complete website inspection & white-hat SEO techniques.

Celebrity Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We at Gilead Digital help increase your visibility online and transform your presence by managing your reputation online. By building your online reputation, we help you reach a larger audience and gain trust as an influencer.

Link Building

What's SEO optimization if not clubbed with proper link building strategies? Through our backlink services, we ensure your business websites propel ahead in Google search with improved page and domain authority. We aim to build a sound strategy to get quality backlinks, develop, and boost a sustainable backlink portfolio to get higher return rates.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your Metadata and increase your click-through rate to grow your business website's relevancy. We only use the most trustworthy SEO practices and Google-friendly techniques that won't generate any penalties but give you the highest results to help your site rank.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

We work on improving your off-page SEO and backlink profile by adapting off-page SEO techniques that are not spammy or sketchy. We follow the rules and work diligently on appropriate outreach, content promotion, and networking. Our off-site SEO services have generated plenty of results.

Online Reputaion Management (ORM)

With online reputation management (ORM) services, businesses can craft their online brand and manage consumer perceptions by monitoring, analyzing, and responding to online digital media, such as social media, blogs, and reviews. We can help build ORM strategies that can contribute to the overall success of a business by protecting its intellectual property, increasing brand awareness, and generating new business.

Local SEO

More and more business are realizing how crucial it is to be listed on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These sites serve millions of users each day and the top 3 search results get anywhere from 30%-60% of the clicks. This means that by getting your pages to page 1 of these search engines, you can instantly grab the attention of many potential customers. Local SEO is a great way to get this done and we know how to get the job done right.

International SEO

International SEO services will benefit any website that wants to gain a presence somewhere different. International SEO is the creation and optimization of a website or page for use in different countries and cultures. Whether your website is a multinational company or just someone providing services in several countries, international SEO will help drive traffic to your website.

Our SEO Workflow Chart

SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Website Audit
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Landing Page
Blog Setup
and Integration
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Meta Element Optimization
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Blogs Posting
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Link Building
Web Page Content
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Keyword Analysis
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Website Audit
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Landing Page Review
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Blog Setup
and Integration
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Meta Element Optimization
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Blogs Posting
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Link Building
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore
Web Page Content
SEO Company/agency in Bangalore

How We Differ

Gilead Digital vs. Other SEO Services Company in Coimbatore

We would like to help your business put a strong foot forward with our 100% proven and Google-friendly SEO services. Apart from the vivid range of services offered by Gilead Digital, the quality that sets us apart from other SEO agencies and service providers includes our attitude towards our clients.

Experience : Unlike other SEO agencies in Coimbatore,, our team at Gilead Digital is an all-inclusive SEO crew where all professionals are trained and 100% efficient in implementing SEO for small as well as big clients ranging from various industries.

Expertise : While other SEO agencies tend to hand over their exclusive range of services as a package, our team of specialists at Gilead Digital offers complete internet marketing services with a proper concentration on each aspect to generate greater profits business.

Strategy :We believe in building superlative result-oriented strategies for building a stronger online presence for your business and profiles. Our team hones the capability to build high ROI SEO strategies that can attract customers and audiences, creating organic traffic for your websites.

Quality :Being a recognized by many of our clients in Coimbatore, we do not compromise on quality. Unlike other SEO agencies, we aim to offer services that are worth your invested money.

Technology :What's an SEO strategy if not clubbed with equipped automated systems and state-of-the-art execution process? We at Gilead Digital emphasize process-oriented tasks for efficient execution of SEO strategies. This in turn, also ensures proper keywords positioning at the right time and place.

Transparency :Opposite to the promises made by other SEO companies, we proclaim to offer you guaranteed transparency as our client. Our team is trained well to share even the minute details with the clients to ensure proper communication, which drives better results.

Expense :Instead of offering you defined packages, we at Gilead Digital offer services based on your requirements. We do not offer packages but can help you develop one based on your specifications. Our services begin at a nominal price of Rs. 22,000 per month. The price may vary based solely on the services you choose.

SEO Agreements : We believe in providing the most reliable and affordable SEO services rather than promising and not completing based on a contract or agreement. We do not encourage clients to sign a contract and proffer them the flexibility to stop the services whenever they get the required results.

Why use Gilead Digital as your SEO Agency in Coimbatore?

We are ranking for almost all the SEO Related keywords for major cities in entire South India and you can see the results below, and we are proud that we competing with 1500 Companies

Heres how we Rank
SEO Company In Chennai 5th Rank
SEO Agency In Chennai 2nd Rank
SEO Agency In Coimbatore 2nd Rank
SEO Company In Coimbatore 3nd Rank
SEO Company in Kochi 1st Rank
SEO agency in Kochi 1st Rank
SEO agency in Bangalore 5st Rank
SEO Company in Bangalore 5st Rank


SEO Package Pricing In Coimbatore

Unlimited keywords
All business
2-8 Pages
2-8 Blogs
Upto 250 Backlinks
Bing Optimization 🗸
Dedicated Executive 🗸
Image Optimization 🗸
PageSpeed Optimization 🗸
Initial SEO Plan 🗸
Ranking Updates Weekly
3-10 Competitors' Data
Lite Plan
15 Keywords
Local business
2 Pages
1 Blogs
10 Backlines
Bing Optimization ✗
Dedicated Executive ✗
Image Optimization 🗸
PageSpeed Optimization ✗
No SEO Plan
Ranking Updates Weekly
2 Competitor' Data
Pro Plan
30 Keywords
Pan India Targetting
6 Pages
2 Blogs
20 Backlinks
Bing Optimization 🗸
Dedicated Executive 🗸
Image Optimization 🗸
PageSpeed Optimization 🗸
3 Months SEO Plan
Ranking Updates Weekly
5 Competitors' Data
Elite Plan
100 Keywords
Pages 🗸
8 Blogs
100 Backlinks
Bing Optimization 🗸
Dedicated Executive 🗸
Image Optimization 🗸
PageSpeed Optimization 🗸
6 Months SEO Plan
Ranking Updates Weekly
10 Competitors' Data


Crucial SEO FAQs You Need to Know About!!!

The entire world is online today. Every business and individual wish to rank their website on the first page of Google, but the process isn't easy. Gilead Digital SEO services in Coimbatore will help your business achieve growing organic traffic, greater online visibility, and an improved rank.

Gilead Digital stands apart from other SEO agencies in Coimbatore based on our efficiency, results, and list of satisfied clientele. Our team is equipped with all the latest and advanced technologies with years of experience in the industry.

>Yes! Whether your website was created today or it has been live for years, experts at Gilead Digital can help execute result-oriented and google-safe strategies that are ethical and efficient. Our motive is to build a substantial presence online and promote your business locally and globally.

SEO is a strategy that reaps fruits only with practice and consistency. It is not a technique that can be used to yield overnight fame. There are innumerable aspects that shape your online presence and help you land on the first page. However, that requires following several steps and procedures. Our experts use strategies that may generate results as soon as possible. Some of our clients have received positive results in lesser than three months.

We charge the same PAN India, and our cost varies only based on the services and keyword difficulties. Our SEO services price starts from Rs 22,000.


SEO Company/agency in Kerala,Kochi

Our Clients

SEO coasting in Kochi, Kerala


Connecting Creativity &
Digital Marketing- Thinking Different and Doing it Smart!!!

Our interns from RVS College Coimbatore, had tied up with us regards to Digital Marketing and our Interns are trying to market stuff in next level through mixing their Talent and Digital Marketing. Check out our below video our next level of marketing

For businesses who are just starting out, or those who have a big budget and are looking to maximize their profits, SEO services are the smart move. A seo company in Coimbatore like Gilead Digital will ensure your business ranks well on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Employing the latest techniques, the company ensures your business's website has the best opportunities to gain traffic and get noticed.


Industries We Specialize In:


We are expertise in educational sector. We have brought many keywords related to educational sector to the front page of search engine.


SEO has the potential to boost your e-commerce site's sales and make you the market leader in your industry.


We are proficient in real estate SEO that we implement vast local SEO strategies to improve the real estate website.


We are so keen in optimizing the tourism websites, for objectives like traffic, conversion etc.

How we're Ranking for SEO Service Related Keywords In Coimbatore

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